About the Site


Oh! Howdie mates! Welcome to my blog. This site contains all sorts of stuff that interests me and might interest you too. I made this out of boredom and got hooked to it in time. Making this site made me so ecstatic to write again and share the things that are in my head, just waiting to burst out.

Let’s just say that this is where I put in most of my creative juices. I am a photographer wannabe, certified geek, and an anime fanatic!

Some people might ask why I called this site sundaesandbeaches. Well, to start, I like to eat a lot. I’m not picky with what I eat and I always like to try out something new (even if I get a bad diarrhea afterwards). Second, I like to go to places; especially the beach.

Now, what do I want this site to be? I want this site to be all the aspects of my personality. I don’t want this to be just a photo blog, or a fashion blog, or an entertainment blog because I am neither of those things.  I am no expert when it comes to photography, or fashion, or even entertainment. I’m just me who wants to share his ideas to everyone ;).

By the way, this isn’t a blog made for the rich and famous. This is more of like a window on how an average person lives his life in the Philippines. I’m not going to blog about shopping in France or buying an expensive bag worth twice as much as my monthly salary.Believe me when I say that I hold on to my money like my life depends on it (which is always the case). I, specially, am not a conyo-wannabe. I blog not to brag, I blog because I have so many ideas that I really want to share with other people.  I’m just your average guy who sees life a little different from the others.

Well, enough about all these things. Feel free to snoop around. Life is too short, why spend it with a frown? 😉


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