My 30 Day Banana Challenge Begins Today!

Summer is the best time to show off those abs and probably the only time of the year where everyone is so hell driven to lose weight… really fast. While everyone are so busy trying to burn off their extra fat, I tried learning how to cook. With some luck, I did manage to learn how to cook some Pinoy dishes and even adding a little twist to it (Nilagang Baka, Bicol Express, Sinigang na Hipon, etc.).

But in exchange, I gained a few pounds. Well, not really a few pounds, I’m now getting my very own beer belly and I’m not even drinking beer! So yeah, I’ve finally decided to cut off my carb intake (bye bye 4 cups of rice).

So while watching Christina Grimmie vs. Sam Behymer “Counting Stars” on youtube, I took some selfies to serve as a reminder of what I used to look like when I see this after 30 days.


There isn’t any theory or study behind this. The last thing that I want to do is starve myself to death as well. So bananas will only be a replacement for my 3 extra cup of rice per meal and hopefully get my belly back in control. To add more fun to it, I’ll be playing 2 songs in Just Dance to help burn off the extra fat. It’s gonna be 2 songs per day! Yey!

Again, I made this out of fun and just got bothered because I look like I’m 3 months’ pregnant. Since I love fruits, I decided to stick with bananas (Honestly, it’s the first fruit that I saw when I went to the market).

So, wish me luck and I hope it works!


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