Eight Months of Stillness


She’s Elle, my newly adopted baby. I’ll introduce her to everyone in the next blog post.

Starting this blog was my way of letting the world know how I feel, even to blow off some steam at times. This is the only place where I can be myself and just breathe a little. But things became a little complicated as months went by. I tried to put myself inside this box called “niche”. So instead of just being me, I tried to be an expert of so many things. But I am no expert at anything, I just want to be a blogger, a writer, just another person in the cyberspace.

It took me months to find out what my niche is but I failed. I forgot all the reasons why I write and instead tried to focus on the things that I need to do to gain popularity. I tried to cater to one set of reader and ended up losing myself in return.

It has been eight months since I wrote anything in this blog. Eight months of trying to find myself. Maybe I should stop focusing on what other people think and just focus on what I think. After all, it’s my blog.


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