Coco’s Triumphant Battle Against Ich

I’ve been wanting to get a new pet ever since I moved in to my new place. Since Casper is now inseparable from my parents (who they now consider as the baby of the family), getting a new pet is the only option. I decided to search the net for the most suitable pets for apartment living and decided to either get a new dog, a cat, a bird, a lemur, a rabbit, and lastly,a fish. Well, searching for a dog that doesn’t make noises would be impossible, and looking for a cat that makes poops that smell like roses would be a dream, I decided to get a fish instead. “An ordinary fish,” I first thought. All it needs is an aquarium filled with water and it’s gonna be as happy as it can be: a fish doesn’t need daily walks, or daily poop- scooping chore. It doesn’t even need too much attention to begin with… and so I thought.

SAM_8156Meet Coco, my newly adopted baby. He’s a fancy goldfish, an oranda goldfish to be exact. Some calls them brain fish because of the shape of the membrane on its head. Aside from its fancy tail, orandas do live up to their name as a “fancy goldfish”. We’ve had different kind of pet fishes before, but this one is probably the most delicate one of all the bunch.  I have to use 2 different types of filters, which is 3x more than what the aquarium needs and feeds him green peas from time to time. He used to have 2 other tank mates named Celine and Nate, but both of them passed away because of ich. Coco was the only survivor of the bunch and I’m glad that he’s almost out of danger now and even looks better than before.

SAM_8158I had to monitor his condition every four hours to check if the treatment was working. I had to change the water everyday, treat it with medication, and put some garlic juice into the aquarium to treat the parasites that are in his body. Good thing the treatment did worked and he’s now slowly recovering. Although    he’s still gonna be in the smaller aquarium before he moves into the bigger one to make sure that all the parasites are dead.

Cocos now doing well, and spends much of his time swimming (Haha!). I know it sounds crazy, but I think he knows me now. He tends to swim close to the aquarium whenever I’m nearby. Anyway, it actually relaxes me whenever I watch him swim. In fact, I sometimes even prefer watching him than turning the tv on.



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