A Werewolf Boy



A Werewolf Boy, a film directed by Jo-Sung Hee, is a 2012 movie about a girl who fell in love with a mysterious feral boy he met in the grounds. Little did she know that the feral boy holds some secrets of his own, just waiting to burst out. Dangerous as he may seem, she tried to teach him how to read and write and how to be civilized, not knowing that he would learn something much deeper and more complex: that is, to love.

What I like about Korean romantic films is that they don’t force the characters to fall in love. They create some of the most wonderful romantic films without even a single sexual connection, or even a kiss, leaving the viewers hanging.

I watched the movie expecting to get scared, but I ended up drenched in tears, still sobbing… literally. I rarely watch romantic films but this is something worth watching. I’m actually sobbing right now while writing this post, that’s how touching the story is. By the way, don’t be fooled by the trailer. If you’re looking for a cheesy, glittering werewolf or vampire movie, then you came to the wrong place. This is by far, one of the best Korean films that I’ve seen so far since My Sassy Girl and Windstruck.

Now I have to eat some comfort food because of this movie. I need to watch some horror flicks now!


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