Mermaid In The Manhole
Mermaid in The Manhole is the fourth episode of the Guinea Pig mini film series aired in the 1980s up to the 1990s. This is a twisted tale of a widowed man trying to cope up with his wife’s recent death. One day, while going down into the sewers, he met a mermaid that he saw once when he was a child. It was trapped in the sewers with nowhere else to go. He tries to paint her until the mermaid begins to cry in agony. Later did the painter notice the boils in her body caused by the sewer’s contamination. He then took her to his apartment to somehow help her. But the contamination was getting worse. With no cure at hand, the mermaid only had one wish: to paint her.

This is just a clip. Wait until you see the full film.

The story talks about many things. Behind all the blood and gore, it tries to talk about man and what it’s doing to the environment. It talks about pollution and what it does to the creatures around it. It talks about man’s obsession, and how it can twist anyone’s mind.

This is highly recommended for those people who like gore: it’s twisted, it’s gory, and more than anything else, it’s about a mermaid! You can’t find any twisted fairy tale like this anywhere else! But let you be warned: it’s not for those gore-lover posers, trust me.


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