Horror Movies List- Don’t Blame Me if I’m Weird

If there’s something really unique about myself ( and as my closest friends would rather say, “quite a disturbing trait”), is my love for horror movies, especially gore. From zombies, to mutated serial killers, to zombies (again), and cannibals, I’ve seen it all. I’d rather not say that I’m an expert when it comes to the horror genre, but I’ve seen a few, and I’ve probably seen some of the best and the worst horror movies ever made. In memory of all the movies that I’ve seen (so far), here are the top 5 movies that are probably the creepiest, if not, the most interesting movies of all time (until the next movie comes in to the cinemas). This is not in order so just take a pick. But be warned: this is not for the weak of heart (just kidding  😉  ).

1. The Exorcist (Director’s Cut)

Now, this is a classic. What’s even better is that the film both has the cinema version and the director’s cut! It’s a good movie for starters and is actually worthy of getting added to your collection. If you want to be even more terrified, watch the cinema version before the director’s cut to see the difference!






2. The Hills Have Eyes

There was a time when all the horror movies released in the United States where either mutated serial killers, deranged serial killers, or sexually deprived serial killers. But this was actually one of the first movie that was able to combine all three. I know, it’s a bit cliche, but don’t blame me, I like gore!






3. The Ring (Japanese Version)

The original version will always be the best, and for those who thought that the US version was scary, wait until you see the Japanese version. This was probably the first movie who jump started Asian horror to the international movie industry. It was able to create an amazing trend of scary female contortionists.







4. The Dawn of the Dead

Horror fans might probably not consider this scary, but don’t you think that getting trapped inside a mall is the coolest? Well, other than zombies outside just waiting to take a bite out of you, getting trapped inside a mall is my greatest dream!




5. Mermaid In The Manhole

This is a must-see for all horror movie fans who likes gore. It’s strange, it’s touching, it’s twisted, and it’s mystical. I’m not so sure how the writer was able to combine it all, but he was able to make it happen. Just don’t watch it after your favorite dinner unless you want to throw up. This, however, is highly recommended for those who want to go on a diet.


So there you go! Here’s my 5 favorite horror films so far! Well, they’re not actually my top 5. But I’m just a bit lazy to name them all and I bet that you’ll find me a bit twisted if you’ll know it all. Haha!


2 responses to “Horror Movies List- Don’t Blame Me if I’m Weird

    • Wow! I never get bored from watching the descent and its sequel over and over again 🙂 They’re actually some of my favorites! I haven’t seen gory and claustrophobic though! I’ll definitely watch them now! Thanks :))

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