Darkness engulfs me as I try to find my way out of a seemingly endless road in the province.  Adding up to all that fear was my poor eyesight as I turn half blind during the night. I couldn’t really see anything else except for those lamp posts that barely gives out any light. I was on my way to my grandpa’s house that night and decided to walk since there rarely are any cars on the road at this time.

“What did I get myself into this time?” I thought to myself while I was walking. All I could hear was the soft chirping of the insects, everything else seems to be asleep. I was almost at my grandpa’s house when I saw a man, clothes tattered and arms bleeding, as if attacked by some large animal. It was going towards me, running, screaming something inaudible but from the movements of his lips looked like he’s telling to run away.

It made my heart skip a beat when I finally recognize who the man was: it was me! I was running from something that almost scared me to death. I tried to see who or what I was running from but my eyesight isn’t any good. It was perhaps a doppelganger, or a sign of an impending danger. I tried to go after him but he mysteriously vanished. I paused for a little and listened as quietly as I could. Looking at the darkness , I began to hear something terrifying: GROWLING. I hear growling from the shadows. I couldn’t tell what it is but it’s something big, and definitely dangerous.

The sound of growling was getting louder. One, two, maybe three large animals were surrounding me. I wanted to run away but something tells me that it wouldn’t help at all. I had a feeling that they were much faster than me, and that making one small move would definitely make a difference between getting eaten alive, and then getting torn apart before getting eaten alive. I feel them getting closer,  I could almost feel them sniffing through the air. Maybe they can actually smell my fear, who knows.

I wanted to move but fear has gotten into me that I couldn’t feel my legs. I forced myself to move… then I woke up. My hands were sweaty and my pulse was still racing. It was almost real to me. I guess too much horror series is slowly creeping into me and into my head. Phew!


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