Happy, Crazy, Awesome Hearts’ Day!


Two tickets for Jessica Sanchez Live in Manila!

I just woke up about an hour ago and still can’t believe that I was able to hear and see Jessica Sanchez live in concert last night! It was way better than I expected. Well, I already know that she can sing, but I wasn’t expecting that she could sing LIVE that good! Her set list was amazing (she even sang Valerie which is one of my favorite songs by Amy Winehouse!).

We're halfway there!

We’re halfway there!

She was great and she made everyone scream with her every performance. I was even able to listen to the full version of How Did You Get Here which she sang for the “save” during American Idol. What was remarkable about her concert was when she sang IKAW by Sharon Cuneta.

It's the kid with the glowing bunny ears!

It’s the kid with the glowing bunny ears!

Everyone was in awe when she first sang the first line and the whole Araneta Coliseum was in standing ovation after her performance. It was perfect. The instruments were not overpowering her voice. In fact, the soft melody blended with her powerful vocals so the whole crowd went wild! It was amazing! She sang one of the songs that every Filipino all know and love and she sang it with power the way we expected it to be. Here’s a clip of IKAW. I’m sorry if it’s blurry. We just took it with our mobile phones and we were at the far end. But I hope you can hear her a little with all the screams! Haha!


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