I Almost Forgot

I made this blog initially out of boredom. I didn’t have anything else to do with my spare time back then and wanted to do something productive and just do what I’ve always been fond of doing: writing. And so, sundaes and beaches was born! I’ve always had fun memories in the beach, and if I ever have both the time AND the money to do it, I’d eat chocolate ice cream under a coconut tree, and look and appreciate how big the ocean is and how small I really am.

But soon after, things became a bit more complicated. I began thinking of my target audiences. I got a bit distracted with the numbers and began to drift away from the actual purpose of my blog, which is to let my “other self” out. Things became a little bit out of hand and I suddenly lost the interest to blog.

I got so lost that I even forgot what my passion is. I know that I’m not a good writer, and I’m not claiming to be one, but there’s something about writing that makes me want to be good at it. It’s the way how a string of words can illustrate a whole picture without any images, how it defines a moment as if you’re really there; makes me want to write and share it with everybody else.

Writing this post, somehow reminded me of what this blog really is: it’s a personal blog. It’s me and all its tiny little pieces! These are my opinions and how I see things. It may be scattered in all directions, but let’s just say that I’m a very opinionated person, and I talk a lot, so this is me talking random stuff 😉


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