Twitter Wars: Why It’s Making Everyone Look Cheap

reignofterroir.comSocial networking has evolved for hundreds of years: starting from the pubs in the mid 17th century and into the cyber cafes of today. Several, if not all, find it amusing, some even think that it’s getting too addictive, spending much of their time in front of the computer rather than actually “socializing.” People are now living in cyberspace, which has a much wider scope than we can ever imagine.


One of the famous form of social networking, aside from Facebook, is Twitter. The logic behind it is quite simple, post a 250 character message that can be read by all your “followers.” So the more follower you have, the better that your message can go across. People use social networking for several things: meeting acquaintances, making friends, and for some odd reason, throwing foul and nasty words at each other.

Yes, some people, think that posting hurtful, humiliating, and foul posts to destroy other people’s image can make them look like better persons. But like uneducated people who likes to pick on others who seems to be defenseless, it’s actually making them look a lot cheaper than they actually are. It makes them look both stupid and arrogant at the same time. It’s what we call “palengkera” in the Philippines: people who likes to bring their issues to the streets, in front of their neighbors, just so everyone could see how they humiliate the other.

People who are guilty of such things may defend themselves by saying that social networking sites is a way for them to let other people know what they truly feel and is their way of blowing off the steam. But always remember that there are unspoken rules to be followed. Be mature enough to know what they are so you won’t  look like a fool in front of others 😉


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