I Wasn’t Able To Blog Because…

Well, first of all, I’m glad that the Mayans’ prediction wasn’t true and I was able to celebrate my 26th birthday! Hurray! I was a bit skeptic about it but did manage to clean the house right before the day of the destruction. I’d rather die in a clean house, stress- free, rather than thinking of how messy my house is hours before I’m about to die. Although, come to think of it, it still is going to be messy with all the earthquake and all.  But dying peacefully is what counts and dying while without any worries is even better. I know that being busy is not an excuse not to write but I’d still want to give it a try and give you some of the best reasons that I can think of while eating tuna pasta 😉

  • I went to a mall and bumped into an old lady carrying a basket filled with reusable plastic bags. She was really old and had trouble walking. So I assisted her and gave her some food. She then gave me one of the bags that she was selling in return. I went back home and and immediately took the bag out of my pocket and was surprised with what I saw: a magical dragon! She was really cute so I named her Asha. I took care of her for a week until I had to let her go because the landlord didn’t want pets in our unit. Two weeks after I found the dragon, right before the day the world ends,I found an odd- looking man in front of my door step knocking furiously at the front door . He was wearing a tribal costume and seems to look like he just came out of a costume party. Courteously enough, I said good morning, but was dumbfounded when he suddenly grabbed me by the shoulders and begged for my help. He told me that I was the only one who can save the world from the raging beast in the center of the earth. With nothing else to do, I said yes and went with Asha to slay the beast. We went back back home and lived happily for a week until Asha went back to the mountains of Mt. Apo.

So you see, I got my hands full for a month so I wasn’t able to blog. But seriously enough, I actually had a lot of things on my plate back then. I worked as a part- time writer back in December so I didn’t have time to blog anything. It was both emotionally and mentally draining so I had to stop for awhile. I also got a tablet for my birthday/Christmas! Yey! It was a dream come true! It’s very handy and has all the books that I’ve always wanted to read! Not to mention the games that comes along with the app store. I’ve spent just about a week reading that I forgot to blog. I’ll get back to it starting today and will never miss a week! Promise! 😉


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