Protect Your BlackBerry With This App

Have you ever been a victim of highway robbery? Have you ever experienced your phone getting lost or stolen? I, for one, had encountered that very same thing just a few days ago and had my services and hopefully, my phone blocked. Losing your phone feels like losing a finger or two. Cellphones have become a necessity nowadays that people can’t seem to live without it. But what would you do if your phone gets lost?

I don’t really know for other phones but BlackBerry phones seem to endorse their software called BlackBerry Protect. I thought that it was just an anti- virus app so I downloaded it before my phone got stolen. Little did I know that BlackBerry Protect does more than just backing up your files.

You can actually do several important things with this app!

  • You can view your phone’s location.
  • You can make it ring.
  • You can display a message.
  • Lock the device.
  • Wipe all the data clean.

Too bad I wasn’t able to bump into this website earlier. I immediately called my service provider to have both my phone and services blocked just a few minutes after my phone got stolen. But I don’t really trust them so I’m a bit doubtful if they really can block the phone or not.

Here’s the link for BlackBerry Protect. I hope this can be helpful!


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