First Day Fcuk! The Day Casper 2.0 Was Stolen

Forgive me for my foul word but I would never have uttered that word if I hadn’t lost Casper 2.0. Today was my first day at work and I wasn’t going to let anything ruin my day. I wore my favorite white pants, white shoes and my favorite black shirt. it seemed to be such a perfect day for me. But something so unexpected happened. I never imagined, even in my wildest dreams, that this could ever happen to me. The same phone that I was talking about on my previous blog post, was forcefully taken away from me. I got robbed, just 8 hours ago. . It was a bit of a scary experience. They pointed a knife at me while I was riding the jeep. Two men where beside me while the other one in front of me was covering the driver’s vision.

I was even wearing a hoodie for crying out loud! Nothing fancy shmancy! I wasn’t even wearing a watch! But of all people, they decided to pick on me instead. Why me?! WHY!

Perhaps Casper 2.0 was too good to be true. No money, no phone and a whole lot of bills to pay, that’s what I’m left at right now. Well, maybe I should take a look at the brighter side of things. I now have work, and my internet connection just got fixed so that means that I can blog the anytime! (Woohoo!). What else? I have air-conditioning in my room so that means that I can sleep better, and I may be able to land in on another job! Yey!

(That’s it Kevin! Think about all the positive things!) But hey, I guess it’s working. I’m feeling a bit better now. Well, just a bit. That was my ultimate favorite phone ever! Maybe God has better plans for me. Maybe it wasn’t the right phone for me. Maybe I’ll try to get a fruit, or probably a dessert. Hhmmm…


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