I Had Ox Brain for Dinner And I Think I Like It

I didn’t know what came into me. We wanted to eat something different so we went to this Persian Kebab in Alabang Town Center. She wanted to drink and just drown away all her problems. But I had a much better idea… pig out!

Pig out is more than eating. According to http://www.answers.com, it is the act or an instance of voracious eating by a person or group. Well I think that it’s much better than getting drunk so I invited her to eat somewhere different.

She ordered beef kebab for dinner. Kebab… that isn’t different. Kebab is just meat on a stick, nothing unique to it. Then I saw brain palak! I fought my way through it. I had to take a bite on what seemingly a very tasty treat. I had to wait for us to finish dinner before I can have a taste of the odd palak.

To my surprise, it didn’t really taste any different. It’s tasted more like scrambled egg to me. The texture isn’t any different as well. Although it may be because it’s already minced. The spinach could have probably been less because it’s overpowering the actual taste of the brain itself. It tasted more of like spinach with brains rather than brains sauteed with spinach.

Overall, the experience was really good. The kebab was so good, it’s almost orgasmic. The atmosphere at Persian Kebab has a nice feel to it. The lighting is cozy although there could have been a little more space between each table to give customers some privacy.


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