Trapped Inside the Twilight Zone

Finally! I am now connected. It has been weeks since I was last able to visit this site and blog. I didn’t know that moving out from my old apartment has a hefty price: I am now trapped inside the Twilight Zone.

I now live a few blocks away from my old place. I live right near a mall which is also near the bus station and a 5 minute ride away from my workplace. It was ideal, something that I thought was the way my own place would be like. But it was almost as good as it gets. I never thought that such a place exists in the metropolis. Little did I know there’s not enough signal for my internet connection to work when we moved. I am now trapped in an alternate dimension with no way out.

I may have been too dependent on the net and may have actually forgotten what it feels like to live in the real world. But this is the only place where I can let my other side out a bit. You see, some people in the real world perceive me as someone too shallow and isn’t worth the time (based on my last experience with my short but memorable experience with my previous job). But here, I can let my opinions be heard (or read). I can be my self.

Thanks to my phone, I am now connected. This is a breathe of fresh air for me. I feel so relieved to be able to see my blog and finally realize that THIS blog wasn’t a fiction of my imagination >.<



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