Tiktik- The Chronicles of Aswang



Tiktik- The Chronicles of Aswang is one of the very few films who tried to venture into the world of CGI. The movie holds promise and has a lot of potential to be a great film. The background effects at the beginning of the film was beautiful as well.

The story started when Dingdong Dantes’ character went to a remote village to woo her estranged girlfriend back, played by Lovi Poe. However, his arrogance got him to a situation that he could never had expected: he has to face the wrath of the aswangs while keeping his loved ones safe before they eat them alive.

One of the the things that might have gone better would be transition of each scenes. The movie tries to be both funny and horrifying with a dash of action and drama all at the same time. The development of each character could have been better well, giving them the depth that it needs to bring each of them to life. The movie focused a bit much on its effects rather than how the story develops.

Overall, the movie was both ambitious and promising. It makes me feel excited to see just how this movie has set a benchmark to other film makers who want to venture into CGI.


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