Convergys- I Count

Convergys Philippines has just released the TVC today, October 28, 2012. The company set an audition across its sites months before the commercial was released and picked a few chosen employees to be a part of its first ever TV commercial. I initially expected it to be more of a recruiter ad, talking about how they stand out from other companies. The concept of the commercial was brilliant. Knowing that Filipinos are typically “emotional” people, they decided to focus on how they value their people and making them feel that they count rather than its compensation and benefits. Truth is, Convergys isn’t the highest paying call center in the Philippines, nor do they give the best compensation. However, one of the things that makes them at par with the rest is how they value people, and this is where they focused on. Most BPO companies in the Philippines treat their employees like robots, not knowing that emotional connection with its employees actually build a tighter bond, sometimes even stronger than the pay rate itself.

I worked with Convergys for over 2 years. The job was “typical” for a call center company, which made me want to leave after 3 months of getting hired. But what made me decide to stay are my colleagues, my supervisors and probably how the company treats us and values us as well. I like the idea of  “Employee Appreciation Week”, and all the other activities that they have. I like the way that some bosses listen to you and even address your needs. Although there are still some people who would prefer acting like a boss than a leader, some of those who chose to become the latter, are quite exceptional.

The commercial doesn’t really revolve around the company itself, but to the whole BPO industry. Believe me when I say that I prefer not to work in the BPO industry. But like everybody else who are taking in calls night and day, we are doing this for personal reasons. Working in the BPO industry is stressful: having to change your body clock every time your schedule change, not being able to attend to parties and reunions because it doesn’t fit your scheduled off, and sometimes not being able to see your family because your off’s are split are just some of the things that you have to go through to make a difference.

The commercial was moving, and made me feel appreciated. It’s nice to see that a company values you for your work but it’s nicer to see that a company like Convergys sees that you COUNT.

Kudos to Convergys!


2 responses to “Convergys- I Count

    • Thanks for sharing this video! Convergys, like many other BPO companies here in the Philippines, gives chance to other people to earn a living without holding any prejudice against race, color, religion and sexuality. Although like many other companies, politics exist, and only a few lucky ones get a chance to hone their skills. It’s always nice to get appreciated every once in awhile, and I can honestly say that Convergys is actually good at it. Although, based on my experience, it might even be better if those people on top would give their subordinates the chance to actually excel and be at their best, not because they like the person or favors them because they know them, but because they do have the potential to perform even more. I’m not saying that politics exists only in Convergys. It exists everywhere, and from what I’ve learned, you have to know how to play the game especially in a corporation like this.

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