Apartment For Rent: What To Consider When Looking For An Apartment



I am no expert when it comes to apartments. But I think I have some fair share of experience that other people might find interesting. Apartments are a great and convenient way of getting your own space. Some people get apartments because it’s much convenient for them to get to the office, others to be independent, while for some, just to get away from everything else and start anew. But you have to consider a lot of things when looking for an apartment. Things that may sound silly at first but will definitely help you out in the long run!

1. LOCATION. Is it near your workplace? Is it within a safe neighborhood? Do consider these questions when looking for an apartment. You don’t want to stay in a place where you feel unsafe just because it’s cheap.

2. ACCESSIBILITY. Make sure that you are still within the city. Check if there are any public transportation for at least 24 hours.

3. VENTILATION. Try to check out the room and see if it has good ventilation. It may be cooler during the wet season but this will surely be at its scorching high during the summer.

4. NATURAL LIGHT. See if there is enough natural light getting inside your flat. It may be unimportant to some but natural light can help you kill of bacteria naturally. Studies show that exposure to ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun can kill bacteria.

5. SPACE. This can be a bit tricky. Space depends on how much you are willing to pay. The less space, the cheaper. So try to look for  a place where you and the landlord can meet halfway.

6. CONTRACT. Make sure you read the contract. Some landlords are greedy so be aware of the contract that he asks you to sign.

8. LANDLORD. Get a feel of your landlord. Some landlords are greedy, some are crazy, and some are on the extremes.

9. FEE. Lastly is the fee. How much is the rent? Is it worth the place? The rent would depend on all the things stated above.

To be honest, these are the things that I DIDN’T even think of when I picked my apartment, and now I’m moving out. So just put these things into consideration and learn from my mistakes 😉 Haha! JK


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