This Is Where We’re Both Good At

We fight- we do this almost every single day. We fight over the simplest of things. We’re good at pissing each other off, up to the point when we almost feel like hitting each other’s faces.

We like to test each other’s patience, trying to see if we can reach each other’s end of the line. We shout at each other, but what’s worse is when we don’t talk at all.

This is how our relationship goes: we are two completely different individuals, with different point of views and different way of handling life itself. We’re always at each other’s throats, waiting for an opportunity to piss the other one off. But the weird thing about it is that we’ve been at it for 3 years… And we never seem to get tired of it. More than being partners, we became friends. We tend to laugh at each other’s mishaps, until one of us gets on each other’s nerves. Maybe this is where we’re good at: We’re good at making fun of ourselves and especially on each other, we know when to take things very seriously (sometimes), we know what matters and we know what things to value most.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll get tired of all the fighting and just part ways. Or maybe, we’ll just keep on going, until we find another reason to hate the other. But for now, we’ll just keep on doing the same thing. Maybe switch the topic to “groceries” to make it more interesting.


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