How Eight People Survived a 12-Seater Pizza Party Onslaught and More

Who knew that a so-called “12 Seater Pizza Meal Madness”was never really meant for 12 people. That’s what we thought when we were able to bring down 2 large thin crust pizzas, a whole basket of chicken and fried potato chips, 2 big platters filled with pastas and 3 pitchers of icy cold cola.

It was the first time that we saw each
other for more than 3 years, and never did we have any dull moments. We still are the same crazy bunch just like what we were in high school: we would always have this crazy ideas and what’s even crazier about it is that we all agree to it every time. We decided to go a different mall that day just to see this movie that most of us didn’t even have a clue. We tried to fit in our friend’s car meant for 5 people (including the one on the driver’s seat). We had to squeeze ourselves in until or legs got so numb that we almost couldn’t feel it anymore. What was even funnier is that it didn’t matter at all.

It was so much fun seeing most of them. It’s like getting these flashbacks from high school when we didn’t have any bills to worry about and that the only thing that we need to focus on are our assignments. I just wished that we’ll have a karaoke session next time 😉


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