Evolution of Attractiveness in the Eyes of the Filipinos

Maitim, negro, uling, and ulikba– these are some of the words that I used to hear when I was a kid. Growing up with darker complexion than everybody else made my childhood a bit “challenging”.

Being colonized by Europeans for hundreds of years has greatly affected the standard of beauty and attractiveness of Filipinos. Colonial mentality and the feeling of inferiority has been engraved in our minds, thinking that people who have whiter skin are the only ones worthy enough of being called “beautiful.” Up until today, thousands, or even millions of Filipinos, are spending all their money just to get that “fair, white skin” that they’ve always wanted.


However, morenos or dark skinned complexions are now slowly making its way into the scene. Having naturally tanned skin often makes you look sexier and even more attractive at times. When all people are so busy making their skin look white, people who have naturally tanned skin are now beginning to get noticed.

Actors like Derek Ramsey, Bianca Gonzales, and Coco Martin are just some of the actors who gave new meaning to the word “moreno,” making it more enticing to people’s eyes.

I was never really ashamed of having a much darker skin. But now, I feel more confident to be different from the others. At least, I don’t have to spend my entire day to get tanned because I already am… >.< hahha! jk 😉


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