Everyone’s a Criminal in the Philippines


“The cyber crime law is subject to abuse.”

Today marks the day of Philippines’ Cyber Crime Law: the very law which will prohibit anyone to say anything against other people, establishments, or any organization governed by the Philippine Government through the internet.

The law covers most acts that almost everybody deems illegal: hacking, identity theft, cracking and spamming. It may have been intended to put order to a seemingly vast and unorganized realm called the internet, but the law seems to be so vague that everyone can be sued anytime.

I can be sued by anyone who feels offended about anything that I write online or anyone who does this for that matter. Whether it is seemingly harmless or was made out of rage or boredom, the government may even remove my blog post, get my laptop and may even grounds for imprisonment of “prision mayor” if found guilty.

I guess everyone’s a criminal in the Philippines now. When I post something online, I am a criminal. When I click the “like” button, I can be sued for “Aiding or Abetting in the Commission of Cybercrime” as stated by the law. When I share a picture, I can be considered as a criminal.

CyberCrime Law is subject to abuse. Sooner or later, it will lose the very reason why it was formulated: to put order and to protect its people. I just hope that the lawmakers will hear out the people that they oath to protect and serve. I, as a blogger, am just one of the millions of people concerned with our rights to express ourselves. The CyberCrime law has to be restructured.


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