Ending September With Cart Wheels, Pole Dancing, and a Whole Lot of Pyramids

When attending their team building, I never really expect anything but to get crazy. I thought that the last time was the craziest thing ever but I guess that yesterday was by far, the best. Well, one good thing about this one is that no one got wasted. Okay, we got tipsy for a bit but at least no one got so wasted and messed up the whole place (unlike the last time).

I don’t know how to describe what happened last night, or even tell how it all began. Not even the word “fun” can describe everything. “Crazy” is an understatement, we were having so much fun that we were doing all these crazy things and didn’t care if we look stupid or silly!

Believe me when I say that I’m just an occasional/ social drinker, but when I start to, I get crazy, like “fun crazy.” I’ll never forget those cart wheels, pole dancing stunts, pyramids, karaoke challenges, and serious talks that we had all together. It was the “best night ever!” as what one of my friends use to say when she gets drunk. Not to mention her infamous lines like ” I am not drunk because I’m not” and “Oh my god I’m like so”.

Over all, we had fun, got tipsy, and bonded. It wasn’t your average team building because they aren’t the average people. I can’t wait for the next one and have another “best night ever” session.

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(All photos are courtesy of Mark Niere and Bev Villanueva)


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