“‘Nough Said”, Au Revoir Mon Ami

I’ve ne’er spoken ill about any of my friends and I’m not not planning to start it any time soon. I wanted to write this blog post not to patch things up and explain myself, but to just let the steam off and maybe breathe a little.

I was surprised, and I still am. I have to admit that it hurt me a little. No, not really. It’s like someone knocked the air out of me for a second. For something that petty, something that simple, you have actually tossed words at me that I could never, ever say to you. We’re too old for this kind of thing, but those words were a bit out of the line.

I guess everybody knows that I am not confrontational, and I think that people that I know won’t probably read this. But I just have to let this all out. The way you said it, and the actual place where you said it says something a lot about what you feel and I respect that. But then again, patching things up any time soon will be a bit more challenging. You got even, I got what you mean, but I guess it’s goodbye then. I wasn’t really expecting everything to end like this. But I learned a lot about things, about people, about expectations, about boundaries. I guess it’s my fault that I took it lightly, I guess it’s my fault that I treated everyone just the same. Maybe it’s all on me.

So I think it’s goodbye then. ‘Nough said I guess. Au revoir mon ami.


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