Blame It on The Hoodie!

I was supposed to write a blog post about one my favorite comfort clothes, “the hoodie”, but I wasn’t expecting so much dislike and controversy in a simple piece of clothing.

I never expected reading an article about how a 17- year old boy was shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer because he looked suspicious (he was wearing a hoodie that night). I never expected Million Hoodie Marches across the US in support for those people who believe that justice was not served. I certainly wasn’t expecting that for hundreds of years, people still haven’t changed. That no matter how many laws are passed or how many people are marching on the streets to speak out, there are people who still holds prejudice among other people of race, color, and now, clothing.

Hoodie has always been one of my comfort clothes since I was a kid. It gave me a feeling of protection, warmth, and even seclusion. I feel warm and secured when I’m wearing a hoodie. I know that some people would associate hoodie with a gangster, or stick-up kids who are up to no good. But so does people who wear bonnets.

Some would say that you can’t control other people’s perception, but it’s the person who wears the clothes that decides what they do and not the clothes themselves. I wear hoodie almost everyday, I work at night and have a dark complexion, does that make me look suspicious? Living in a world that judges people for what they wear and how they look is just plain silly if you ask me.

Hating hoodies are just other people’s excuse for hating those people who wear them. Blame it on the hoodies and not the society that these hooligans grew up in. People are molded by their environment and not the fabric that they wear.


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