“Day Sleeper”- My Fate Was Written on a Fridge

My fate was written on a fridge.

“My fate must have been written long before I was born, but I never thought that it would be on my aunt’s fridge.”

My aunt gave me this fridge as soon as I moved away from my parents’ house. It has an old sticker saying DAY SLEEPER on it. Who could have known that this is the life that I’d live soon after I graduate.

My aunt had this fridge for more than 23 years, and this was a previously owned even before they had it. It’s pretty small and could only fit a few bottles of water and a few snacks, but this was one of the few things I had back when I was just starting. A sturdy old fridge I should say. Too bad it consumes a lot of electricity because it’s really old so I had to stop using it.

I used to look at it back when I was a kid, never understanding what the words “DAY SLEEPER” really meant. I soon found it out two decades after, just when I started working. Now I’m living the life of a DAY SLEEPER: living and breathing every aspects of it.

I am exactly what my fridge says: A person who sleeps during the day and works at night. I guess our fate isn’t written in the stars after all, because mine was written on something else.


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