New Work, New City

MAKATI CITY, Philippines- A buzzing metropolis of infrastructures and vehicles; A city that glows during the night. This place, is my new home. Completely different from where I used to work, the city is buzzing with life, even at night.

Almost close enough to be a city compared to other metropolis in other countries, Makati still is growing and is constantly changing. Although I’m still not used to the buzzing streets of the city, nor the strict policies that it has, I am still adjusting. It might even take more months before I get used to all the walking that I have to go through everyday just to get to the office, but I can do it.

I’ll always miss the South and everything that it has to offer. I’ll miss how people there are laid back, almost how it’s like when I’m at home. I’ll miss my friends, and everything that I left there. But like everything else, each has to move on.

This is where I work now.


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