I Forgot How To Write

The storm took away more than my attendance at work, it might even have taken away my ability to write. For five days, I have been staring at my laptop, just thinking of whatever topic to talk about, but nothing’s coming out at all. I might have lost my ability to express myself.

The winds must have blown my ideas away, I may have even drained all my creative juices for the past few days. I’ve always been afraid that this would happen. I might have lost my ability to feel.

As the rain slowly cleanses away the dirt from the city, it also washed away all the ideas that are in me. Or even worse, it might have just shown the truth about my writing… that I don’t really have nothing to write about at all.

The storm might have taken away more than what it’s supposed to be. Or maybe, just maybe, I just wanted to rest a bit and clear my head up a little. Come to think of it, I might not have lost my ability to express, feel and write. Maybe  just want to rest for awhile, just think things a bit thoroughly.


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