The Howling of the Winds: Howls and Whispers

The sound is so close to my ears that I can almost feel someone breathing, saying something that I can barely understand, something that sounds like “soon.”

Hearing it brings shiver down my spine, a feeling that I’ve never felt for a long time. I tried to cover my ears but I just can’t feel my fingers now. There is something about that voice that seems so familiar, something about my past that I shouldn’t forget. I tried to scream but there’s nothing coming out. I was so fear stricken that I can barely even move.

I stood there frozen for a minute, waiting for something to happen, but it just became quiet all of  a sudden. The ghastly sound of the wind and the eerie whisper are now gone. Only the soft chirping of the insects can now be heard from across the hood. The storm has finally passed.

It took me almost an hour to sleep that night. My heart was still beating like crazy for about an hour that I had to calm myself down. Every normal person should have felt terrified about what happened. But oddly enough, I fell sound asleep, as if someone was watching me.

I never heard the whisper again for the next couple of days. “The winds must have been playing tricks on me that day,” and so I thought.

To be continued…


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