The Howling of the Winds: The Beginning

It has been three days since the storm has hit and I can still hear the howling of the winds from my windows. With each blow sends a bit of shiver down my spine as if there is a voice whispering; telling me of the impending danger lurking outside.

“I am just imagining things. This fever must have gone way over my head”, as I would often say whenever I hear the eerie howls from across the street. Yet, curiosity got the better of me, as always. My mind said not to look but my body decided to move on its own. I tried to carefully peep through the curtains to see what’s outside.

“Just close the curtains and go back to sleep,” I kept trying to tell myself. “There’s nothing outside; or if there is, you’ll just end up scaring yourself”. But I have to look. I have to know why the winds are howling and why the windows are always shaking. I have to know why.

As I carefully look outside the window, there it is: just a quiet street, a sleeping neighborhood; people like me who are just waiting for the storm to pass. Maybe it’s just the wind. Maybe, it’s just a fiction of my own imagination. I had a quick sigh of relief knowing that it really was just the storm’s wind playing tricks on me. I was about to close the windows when I heard the gentle whisper of the winds again. But this time, I heard a voice.

To be continued…


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