The Healing

The Healing is the most recent film offering by Star Cinema released last July 25 in cinemas nationwide. The film stars Kim Chiu, Pokwang, Janice de Belen, Robert Arevalo, Martin Del Rosario and Vilma Santos- Recto which was directed by  Chito S. Roño.

The story is about belief in the supernatural, one of which is healing through spiritual means. The movie starts when Vilma Santos’ character went to a faith healer to get her father healed from stroke. As her father miraculously recovered, her closest friends then asked her to bring them to the faith healer. After each of their conditions got better, something mysterious happened to each one of them. Leading to one conclusion: all the people who went with her to the last session dies.

All the actors came from different movie genres (especially drama), which made me feel quite skeptical about the film. Astoundingly, each one of them was able to portray their characters really well. What was frighteningly good about the film was how Vilma Santos- Recto portrayed her character. She stepped away from the too obvious “scream at the top of your lungs” acting and went to a more subtle yet natural way of sending fear to her audience. I barely heard her scream throughout the movie, but the terror in her eyes and her natural reaction to situations made her acting much more believable. She was able to show that you don’t always have to scream in a horror movie.

Overall, the acting was remarkable and exceeded all my expectations. I felt frightened on most parts of the movie while all the other movie goers where hanging on the edge of their seats (some of them screaming). I rarely watch Tagalog Horror films but I highly recommend this film. For those Vilma Santos Fans however, you might want to think twice about watching this film ;).


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