Globe- Disconnecting People

Globe, as what they claim, is one of the leading telecommunications company in the Philippines ( given the fact that there are only two telecommunications company here.) I initially opened an account with them because I was after their service, not the phone. Since I’m too lazy to drop by at a store, I thought that I would rather open up a line instead. The service was great at first, although they did transfer my payment to another account which caused my line to be past due. But that was fine with me. After all they’re dealing with computers. STRIKE ONE.

Then back in November 2011, I decided to get an actual phone from them. They asked me all sorts of requirements like bank statements, most recent bills, etc. which I was more than happy to submit. I had to go back to their store for a couple of times until I just got tired of all their store representatives’ nonsense. One store dealer told me that I can get one and when I came back, another store dealer told me a different story. It happened every single time I went there. But hey! We all make mistakes! That was still fine with me. STRIKE TWO.

Now, just 3 days ago, my sim card went faulty for some reason that nobody can’t explain. I did everything that I can. I powercycled it, wiped the brass plate with a clean clothe: EVERYTHING. But it didn’t do any good. After five days, I went to their corporate store, thinking that I can get a replacement sim card. I went there feeling quite confident that an actual Globe Corporate Store can help me with replacing a sim card. After all, it’s just a sim. I talked to this guy who was quite helpful. He asked me for my ID and all sort of things. But then he asked me this most stupid thing that I have never heard of in my entire life: SIR, YOU HAVE TO PAY 500 PESOS PLUS 600 PESOS TO REPLACE YOUR SIM. That’s it. Hell is about to break loose.

“Where the hell did the 500 pesos and the 300 pesos came from?” I asked him nicely while putting every effort on my facial muscles to create what should be a smile.

“Sir, the 500 was your past due on your old account and now you have to pay 300 for the one that is due this month plus another 300 for next month.”

That was really confusing to me at first. They’ve already charged me for a month in advance for a service that I wasn’t able to use because my sim card is broken. Now, they’re going to ask me to pay them for another month in advance for a sim card that should have been for free.  To make it short, I have to pay for the bill that’s gonna be due a week from now plus the bill that is gonna be due next month (which hasn’t been generated yet).

Globe, they really have a way of showing care to their customer. I told the guy that I don’t really care if I had a past due balance on my cancelled acct. I could pay that plus the 2 month in advance charges for the service that I cant use. I just need my sim card replaced. But he nicely said that I really have to pay the 600 to replace it.  He then told me that he can have the 500 waived because I wasn’t informed about it. Yes, I called the customer care for 5 times and went to the store before I cancelled that service and nobody informed me that I had a past due balance. Hell that really wasn’t my fault and I’m sure that it wasn’t the store dealer’s fault either. So again, I tried to talk to them in a very civilized manner.

“Will I lose my 300 credit on the sim or will I be able to keep it? And will I be getting the 300 load for the month in advance charge that you’re gonna bill me with because you are gonna be billing me again by the end of August.” I asked nicely.

The greatest reply that I was able to get was a smile. Wow. Globe, Disconnecting People. I am sure that I am not the only one who had this experience from them. Please try to leave comments on this post to let them hear out what we have to say.

Please retweet/repost this to everyone who had great customer service from Globe.


2 responses to “Globe- Disconnecting People

  1. I think at first the sim was not broken. It was suspended due to past due balances that’s why its not working. And you’re still lucky for the 500 to be waived.

    • they clearly told me that the sim card really needs to be replaced. They tested it on a different phone already and its still the same. Besides, I wasnt past due on my current acct. I am actually up to date. They wanted me to pay a week in advance plus another month in advance. The 500 past due that they were referring to was for my old acct which nobody told me and they didn’t even sent out a bill for it. I’ve been paying at the exact same store every month, calling customer care and yet nobody even bothered to tell me about it. When I closed that account, the store and their customer care told me that I was already up to date. They were even the ones who told me that I was all cleared. It even showed in their records that I did call customer care for 4 times before I cancelled my previous service and nobody ever mentioned about it. Besides, would I be complaining like this if it was my fault in the first place? My point is that they clearly told me that the sim card is already faulty. I know that it isn’t anybody’s fault. But why can’t they generate a bill for it? It’s highway robbery for me to pay 600 instantly for 2 bills that are not due.

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