What I Have Learned from Her Resignation

Today is a quite an interesting day for us. We were never late (almost), didn’t have any wrong punches, and had our breaks on time. I even had my coaching that day and had an offline for 30 minutes. It was a perfect day for all of us… almost. Well, we all knew that something like this was bound to happen sooner or later. We were just waiting for the day that it will actually happen.

Yes, her resignation got approved today. It was a bit of a shocker for all of us although it really was something inevitable. We all did file our resignation because we weren’t happy with what we are doing. We all wanted to find that drive to work but we just could not find it there anymore. We all tried; at least I did, to find that motivation again. Now, I guess I’m slowly finding my way back. Filing my resignation made me think of a lot of things. It made me realize a lot of things. That is why supervisor is still giving me a chance to think things through until this day.  But what happened to her is something real.

Yes, her resignation just got approved today. I had to tell that to myself over and over again. But I have to be happy for her. After all, this is what we all wanted to happen. I guess we were pretty undecided when we got it filed, or maybe not. The only thing that is holding me back now is the lateral transfer that my supervisor offered me. I have a dream and I am planning to hold on to it for as long as I can. I guess, she has to follow her dreams now. Every thing has its end, with each holds its own beginning.

Yes, her resignation just got approved today and it’s finally sinking in now. I learned several things from what she did. I learned to value each day that I have with all the people dear to me just like she did. I have to stay strong with whatever the outcome of my decisions are and look at it positively. I learned to follow my dreams without any hesitation and be brave enough to take my own path.

Yes, her resignation just got approved today… and I am happy for her.


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