Long Live the King! A Tribute to Dolphy


I personally don’t know Dolphy but I grew up watching him. He made his name in Philippine Showbiz and has been a patriarch of Philippine Comedy for years. I’ve never really met him, but I feel like I knew him. Just like everyone else, he became a part of every Filipinos’ lives.  I knew him as “Mang Kosme” in Home Along Da Riles and made me laugh every Sunday night. He had this contagious laugh that never fails to make everyone smile.

Just like most people, I never really knew him personally. All I know is that he was a good actor, and that he has a lot of kids. I can’t judge his character either. But a part of me felt saddened by his lost. I guess everyone who grew up watching him felt the same. He had this incredible aura that made people seem to like him.

I don’t really know Dolphy nor have I seen him personally. But the image that he left behind is something that each Filipino will always remember: he was the epitome of a dad who loves his children. He was a man who stands firm to his beliefs and faces his problem with a smile. He was everyone’s Tito Dolphy.

The King may have passed away, but the legacy that he left will remain. Long live the King.


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