Space Saving Tips For Apartment Dwellers

Living in a tiny apartment is a problem for some people, especially to those who are just starting on their own. It needs careful thinking since you have limited space to fit all your things in. You have to consider what pieces of furniture would actually help you save space instead of adding to the clutter. But how would you able to maximize your space?

REMOVE ALL CLUTTER. Clutter takes space and you can’t afford to let them take whatever space you have left. So always keep your flat clean and tidy. Not only will you be able to save space, but you’ll also lessen your stress.

PICK PIECES OF FURNITURE THAT HAS A DUAL PURPOSE. There are a pieces of furniture that has a dual purpose: sofa bed can be made into a sofa and can also turn into a bed and just a few folds; Or a cabinet that can act as a tv stand.

STAY AWAY FROM BULKY FURNITURE. It would only consume space. Stick with pieces of furniture that has simple designs. Pick pieces of furniture that can able to combine practicality and style.

USE MIRRORS TO MAKE YOUR ROOM LARGER. If you have time, put mirrors on certain areas where natural light usually comes in. It creates an illusion of a much larger room.

USE HOOKS TO SAVE EVEN MORE SPACE. Yes, hooks. place the hooks in strategic places where you can hang your coat or jacket in. Not only will it help you lessen the clutter, it will also help you stay organized.

These are just some of things that can help you maximize your space. Try to be more creative in thinking ways on how to maximize your apartment space. Let’s help each other out apartment dwellers! Send more ideas on how YOU do it 😉


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