Sundays With The Oldies

I woke up feeling so relaxed after a good long sleep last night. I wasn’t able to watch the final episode of this tv program that we’ve all been following for the past couple of weeks. I spent all my energy yesterday that immediately dozed off.

My sister has gone out to do a photo walk in Taal so I wasn’t able to talk with her. I miss waking up in the morning with my mom fixing me up some warm chocolate.  Today is a Sunday: the oldies day. Every Sunday is when my parents listen to their favorite music… from 20 years ago.

I used to hate Sunday mornings because they always turn the volume up whenever they listen to the radio. What was even worse is that the song gets stuck in my head for a whole day and there was no way of getting it out. But that used to be me during Sundays. After all, I was a kid back then.

Now, Sundays is like a breathe of fresh air for me. Sundays is when I get to spend time with them. I love Sundays because I get to have a glimpse of how they live when they where younger. The music that they listen are much emotional, has more depth and more meaning.  Although it still bugs me from time to time, I just let my parents do what they want… until 12 pm 😉 (Because their “jukebox music” only airs until 12 pm. Yey!).


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