How To Use Color Wheel To Match Your Clothes

Color wheel is like a pie chart of color hues which shows the relationship between primary colors, secondary color, complimentary colors, etc. (courtesy of wikipedia). It is primarily used by artists to know what color palette will compliment the other. But as an average person, how can you use color wheel in determining what clothes to wear or pair up with?

The image on the right shows what color best compliments the other. Skipping a few palettes won’t hurt you not unless you choose a color palette that is completely on the other side. Using a color wheel can even help you make a bolder fashion statement in the right way: pairing your baby blue top to your green shorts can give you a fresher look! There are other color wheels on the internet that can give you much more variations of color palettes.

Miss Laureen Uy (

So try to connect with the artist in YOU. Fashion isn’t always about having THE most expensive clothes, it’s all about pairing and styling. Be daring, be bold. Do not hesitate to break out from you comfort zone of black and grey. It’s always better to try things out rather than staying with what you’re used to.

BASIC TIP: If you want to play safe but still wants to add a dash of color on your style, mix any color with a white top or white pants. It can add a spice your style but still makes it look clean and well put together.


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