“I’m Not Drunk, I’m Just a Bit Intoxicated”

Last June 23rd, I joined Team Theo’s Team Building in Matabungkay, Batangas. The trip, which was only supposed to be a 3 hour ride, went more than 4 hours. We had to go in circles just to get to the beach. What’s even more memorable is that I had to go to the Johns during that epic long trip. I’m not gonna dig deep into that but let’s just say that it really did test my “resiliency” and I was able to successfully overcome it. I had to use all my guts and my charms (ehem) just to get enough courage to ask help from a complete stranger. What helped me a lot was our test way back in college (nerd mode: on): We did a small study about altruism ,which is the psychology of helping others. While I was focusing all my chakra into my abdomen, I had an idea that since Batangenyos are naturally religious, they have this innate feeling of  helping others in need (especially if they look like they’re not gonna do any harm). If their high level of altruism and religiousness were combined, there is a high possibility that they would help a total stranger, like me. With that in mind, I decided to get off the van and ask for help. Luckily, there was a man who saw me and offered help. After that long struggle, I was so glad that all that I was able to say is that “I love Batangas!”. My theory did work (nerd mode: off).

But the adventure didn’t stop there. The resort, which was supposed to be spacious and a bit private, turned out to be a bit different as what we expected so we had to move to a different resort. The next one was Munting Buhangin, Nasugbu, Batangas. It was almost like paradise for us. It was a bit isolated so you’ll feel much closer to nature, it’s quiet and the most of all, there’s only a few people there. We wanted to stay but there’s one catch: we can only use karaoke (also known as videoke in the Philippines) until 10 pm. We decided to just

This the one of the major highlight of the trip: greens and more greens

look or a diferent place without any second thoughts. WE HAD TO SING. WE NEED TO SING. Singing is our life and each one of us has to have their inner singers let loose! So we moved to a different location; searching for a place where we can sing all day and swim at the same time (But what’s more important is that we can sing our lungs out). Well, to make this short, we had to move to  3 different resorts until we were able to ind Maryland Beach Resort. Yey! Finally, a place where there’s videoke 24/7!

Well, most slept the day away except for some people like me. I sang for like hours and hours and dove into the pool and just had a great time! I thought that the trip was the actual climax of the so-called team building… until we had our drinking session. I am lost for words and can’t really described what happened to me. Have you ever felt like there’s an inner you that’s screaming to get out? I made this blog to let that other person out from time to time. I don’t want to be labeled as conyo so I just try forget that other side of me.

That ain’t mine

Well, that side came out that night. It’s not like the other me slipped a little, it’s more of like he was on a rampage of nonstop babbling. What was even worse is that I couldn’t control myself, or I just didn’t want to control myself. It’s like “wooohoo! I am finally free to talk shit! I can babble all I want! Hell yeah!”. I felt so bad about myself the next day. I felt like a complete A-HOLE.

But yeah, it was still fun. The whole point of the trip was to discover ourselves. Most importantly, we bonded even though we’re not all team mates… hahah! Scroll down to see some of the highlights of our adventure. Some images are scandalous (not in a pornographic kinda way) so I dare not post it here 😉

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