Off To Work: Deviant Work Attire

This is how I usually look like when I go to work. I usually wear tight jeans to make myself appear leaner and taller (I’m 154 pounds, 5’7 in height).  My upper part is heavy so I try to hide it with loose shirts. To add a bit of twist to it, I usually pair it with a jacket. I work during the night and it’s usually cold in the office so a jacket is always a must.

I have moreno skin so choosing the color of my clothes is a bit challenging. I usually wear light pastel colors to make my complexion stand out in a nice way.

These are all locally made and I was able to buy some of it because they were on sale (Yey!).

I always want to look neat so I usually stick to plain shirts. I know that some people won’t agree on this but I am deviant by nature. If the dress code says that jeans are not allowed, I’d usually look for slacks that looks a lot like jeans or pants that looks a lot like slacks (Haha!).

Again, don’t be afraid to mix and match. Create your own style and wear your best accessory: your confidence.


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