Too Afraid To Come Out: What Its Like Staying In the Closet

For men, or sometimes even women, coming out of the closet can be really frightening. People who are too afraid to come out are either afraid to be rejected by their friends and families or are just scared to be ridiculed by other people. They feel the need to hide behind a make-believe persona just so they can protect themselves from other people. But what is it like living in a closet?

Hiding your real self is like living in a dark cave, or a tiny closet, hence the term came from: it’s too tight, it’s like you can barely breathe. You want to come out of it but you are just too afraid of what other people might say about you. But how do you get out? How do you get away?

Accept the real you. Coming out of the closet is really hard, but the first thing that you can take is to embrace the part of yourself that you keep on hiding. Loving yourself is the very first step in breaking free.

Tell what you truly feel to your closest friends or someone that you feel has an open mind about this kind of situation.  You can talk to your counselor or to anyone that you can trust. Remember, there is no reason for you to hide your real self.

Do not be afraid. There are others just like you. You just have to keep an open mind about things. Take that one step and the others will follow. It may be frightening at first but others will be there for  you; your true friends will be there for you.

It may take years to get out of the very wall that you made to protect yourself. A closet can both be a haven where you can be yourself or a prison where you are trapped. Whatever the outcome might be, only you can decide for your own.


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