First Aid Tips to Relieve Stress

Everyone experiences stress in our everyday life: thesis deadlines, horrible bosses, and even your nagging parents can give you high levels of stress every time. But how do you immediately try to cope up with stress? How do you deal with it without going spending so much money? These are simple and easy-to-do tips on how to deal with it and trust me, it works!

IDENTIFY THE ROOT CAUSE OF STRESS. Try to sit and just think about all the things that might be causing you to feel so stressed out see if there are any ways for you to cope up with it. If it’s about your relationship with someone, talk to that person and let him know what you feel. If its about your thesis or about school, open up with someone and tell that person all the thoughts that are in your head. Let your inner thoughts out.

EAT SWEETS, ESPECIALLY ICE CREAM. If you feel like you are so stressed out because of deadlines and doesn’t have much time to sulk around, try to relax a bit and eat an ice cream! This works for me every time. There are some studies that show that eating cold, stuff has an immediate effect to some of the “pleasure zones” in your brain, which is the part that activates when people feels happiness or enjoyment. But do try to monitor what you eat because you might gain weight if you do this all the time.

PUT YOUR HANDS ON RUNNING WATER. Try to turn the faucet on and put your hand on running water. It will immediately make you feel more relaxed and a bit more calm.

LISTEN TO CLASSICAL MUSIC. Listening to slower, more peaceful pieces are known to lessen stress, especially those music that are from the baroque or classical period. If you don’t like classical music, listen to the ones that has a much slower and more mellow (Note: if you are heartbroken, try to stay away from heartbreak songs, it would only make you feel more depressed).

EXERCISE A BIT. Sweating yourself will not only help you lose weight, it would also help out release your stress. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone, right? Try boxing and imagine yourself hitting your boss! Give him a hook and even a knock-out punch! If he gives you that much stress, then he deserves it! (But don’t do it in person, okay?)

These are just some of the things that I usually do whenever I feel so stressed out. It may work well on other people and it might not work for some. If you do have other stress- relieving techniques or tips, please let me know!


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