How You Dress Defines Who You Are

I admit, I usually just get anything out of my closet whenever I go to work. Thinking of what you’re going to wear would only add up to all the time wasted in front of the mirror. I usually wear what I am feeling at that moment. If I feel like not coming to work, I usually wear hoodies and  button down short sleeves shirts (in short “polo”) or some of my comfort clothes; or if I feel really good about myself, I would usually wear red. I never had an instance where I feel like coming to work, but when I’d rather go to work than stay in my flat alone, I usually wear button down long sleeves shirts (in tagalog, “long sleeves”).

For me, comfort clothes are a must. Dressing up can get really tiresome and you just want to be laid back sometimes. Just pick anything out of your closet that makes you feel comfortable. I want to feel snugly when I feel like not coming to work so I usually wear clothes where I would feel warm and comfy.

We all have our own styles. But we do have to admit that looking good in everyone else’s eyes is something that we always consider when choosing what to wear. Well, here are some of the things that I always remember when picking my clothes:

  • Don’t wear flashy garments if you don’t know how to carry yourself. If you don’t want to look like a conyo-wannabe , please stop wearing flashy colors. It hurts everyone’s eyes. You wear the clothes, don’t let the clothes wear you.
  • Wear clothes that are suited for your body type. I’m 5’7 which is a typical height for Filipino men. I usually wear tight jeans or pants to make myself look taller. But be warned, not all people look good in tight pants. If your legs are rather “thin”, tight pants would make you look like a stick with 2 arms and  2 legs. Wearing tight, brightly colored jeans will make you look like a clown.
  • Choose colors that compliment your skin. If you have a “dark-colored” skin, wearing flashy red, orange or even neon colored clothes would make you look like a signage on the street. Unless you want to be seen in the dark, please don’t wear them.
  • Show off your assets and hide your imperfections. This is a tricky thing and I still am trying to learn it. If you look heavy on top, do not wear tight shirts. Wearing those clothes would only make you look like a longanisa. If you don’t have any other choice, there’s always the “jacket.” To make you look a bit thinner, wear jeans or pants that will make you look slender. See, the trick is to make yourself look slimmer than you appear to be. So when you wear loose clothes on top and pair it with slender jeans, you can hide those bulging fats and can even compliment your curves at the same time. This applies to both men and women.
  • Wear only one accent piece on your clothing. If you’re gonna wear your favorite jacket, pair it with a plain shirt. You want to make everyone notice how nice your favorite jacket is so make it stand out by wearing plain pants and a shirt.
  • Wear clothes that are appropriate for your age. This applies to older people. Style appropriately.
  • Lastly, feel good about yourself. This is something that everyone needs to remember. If you feel good about your style, then everyone’s gonna like it as well. Do not be afraid to mix and match. It’s like an art and you are the canvas. If you feel like wearing over the top clothes then do it. Your style defines who you are.

Well, yeah. This applies to people of all ages. I might be posting some of the clothes that I wear soon. This post is also made for straight guys. Its redundant for me to wear bright, “happy” clothes if you get what I mean. 😉


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