What Would Molly Say?

I thought that it was just another day for me at work; same issues, same concern, same everything. I’ve always wanted to try out something new. I want to continue my studies and do all the things that I dream about like traveling and all sorts of things. But everything has to be put on hold because I have responsibilities to my family. Just like what they always say,  SOMEONE HAS TO DO IT. It wasn’t really implied. In fact, no one ever forced me to do it. But I felt the need of helping my family out. After all, I wouldn’t be where I am right now without their own “sacrifices.”

We were having maintenance issues with our system that day, which did make my day: system maintenance means less work, less work means less chances of dealing with “challenging customers.”

This was my fifth customer for the day. I said my opening spiel with as much perkiness as I can muster. “What a surprise, another customer asking about the charges!” I said to myself.

Her name was Molly, a customer who went cruising with her husband overseas. She didn’t sound different from all the other customers that I encountered. She sounded perky though, same as any other customer who wants something from us.

She had problems with some charges and she needed assistance with it. “Same old thing, same old thing,” I said to myself again.

She was a very engaging lady. She asked me all sorts of things and made sure that we had a connection. “I’ve learned that from school, Lady, so those tricks won’t work on me.” She told me that she was a psychiatrist, which was really nice. It reminded me of what I wanted to become when I was a college.

“So you’re a psychiatrist? I’m a psychology graduate myself!”

“Why are you in a call center?” she asked. Well, I’ve asked that question  to myself a hundred times already. Why am I working in a call center? Well, one is because I need to earn money to pay my dues. The other one is to help my sister out.

“How old is your sister” I told her that she’s seventeen years old. She then asked me how old I was. I told her that I’m twenty five.

“A young twenty five year old and you’re working there? What about your dreams of being a psychologist? Or a psychiatrist?” Then it hit me; like a rock was just thrown at my head. It pained me a little. What happened to my dream? What’s going to happen to it? Well, yes, I dreamed of being a doctor before. I wanted to help other people in the way that my course helped me. But that can wait. I am still young.

Molly was fun to talk to. She reminded me of all sorts of things; but most specially, she reminded me of myself before. I wanted to see myself in her shoes when I reach her age.

She told me that time goes slow when you’re old and I should enjoy everything while I’m still young. She told me not to carry all the burden by myself. It hurt me again. I laughed a little and told her that I will really consider everything that she’s telling me. It was my way of shielding myself from everything that she’s telling me. I kept on reminding myself that I still had responsibilities and that there’s nothing I can do but to accept it.

“There’s always a way. She has to find a way herself. You have to live your own life. You can help her but not like this. Love yourself a bit more. Value yourself more than anything else.”

What you’re doing is very hard. It’s like robbing yourself of the opportunity to grow as a person. You have to let her learn things on her own way. What would you tell her? What would you tell your sister?”

It made me think again. I never really thought of that. I have always been an old, protective brother to her. Perhaps being an older brother is not doing her any good. But I don’t really know what to say. It made me think for a second.

“I’ll tell her that she has to stand up for her own… and that she has to help me out too.”

“Yes! That’s right! She has to learn how to be her own brother some times. You don’t always have to be by her side. There will be times that you’re not gonna be there for her and she has to know that!”

It was my breaking point. It finally hit me so hard that I was about to cry. I never had the strength to tell anyone how I really feel. I’ve always pretended to be strong for everyone. I’ve always pretended everything is gonna be fine even though I’m feeling scared inside.

“Always remember this. In every problem or dilemma you encounter, think about WHAT MOLLY WOULD SAY. I know that it’s funny but it usually works with people I know. Think about what I would do in that situation.”

Molly changed me. In that short conversation, she was able to change me. I wanted to say to her how thankful I was that I was able to talk to her and put some sense into me but I was out of words. All that I was able to say was that the solution that I was able to provide to her is nothing compared to what she gave me.

In that instance, I felt like I’ve known Molly all my life. I’ll always remember her. I’ll always remember everything that she told me and try to tell it to everyone that I know.


Thanks Molly


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